Folk Art


We prefer a broad definition of Folk Art to include items made from untrained hands and eyes such as textiles, two and three dimensional art, utilitarian objects with or without flourishes, handcrafted furniture and tabletop objects. Most of our folk art is represented in very early American objects with more recent inclusions of contemporary art and sculpture.

At this time, we are featuring one amazing folk artist showcasing his work on this page. His name, Wayne Ayers. Death came too soon in 2011, but his art lives on. Ayers’ subjects reflected the style of the 18th and 19th centuries in that period’s  uniquely American themes of patriotism, industry, frontier life and agriculture. Our collection includes Ayers’ originals, commissioned pieces, and replications. Ayers pieces are spirited, sublime, whimsical or woeful; conveying the full range of the early American experience. Wood, metal, leather, bone, and found materials became sculptures through the use of a combination of period and modern hand tools, anvils, hand shears, and a variety of hammers. Many of Ayers replications were created after famous museum pieces found in books such as Robert Bishop’s “American Folk Sculpture” and ”Spiritually Moving” by Thomas H. Geismar.

Folk Art Featured Item

Small Seabird

This small seabird is a replica of one that graces the dust cover of the book by Robert Bishop, “American Folk Sculpture”, and on page 176, figure 320 of the same book. Carved and painted by Wayne Ayers.

Measures 14″l x 11″h x 4 1/2″d


Fancy Copper Rooster

Inspired by the original rooster as shown in “Spiritually Moving”, figure 34, Wayne Ayers made this replication from sheet copper. He has a full body and head, riveted and soldered and completed with his fancy tail and his comb.

Measures  25″l x 23″h


Two Peacocks Gazing

Oil on board, (in fact, an actual breadboard) by the late folk artist Wayne Ayers. These two peacocks are checking each other out in front of a warm brown background. Figures are clear and distinct. Signed and dated 8/09.

Measures: 26 1/2″l x 22 1/2″h.


Tennis Playing Woman

The original was once a copper weathervane circa 1900. Wayne Ayers replication, also in copper, is a delicate form showing grace and movement and mounted on a cast iron Eiffel Tower.

Measures: 22″l x


Red and White Wooden Rooster

Wayne Ayers’ appealing folk sculpture painted and adorned with all the replications of the original from New England, late 19th C. Leather painted red comb, and metal supports adorn him, as found on pg.136, figure237 of Robert Bishop’s respected book titled, “American Folk Sculpture”.

Measures: 25″l x 23″h on stand.


Chicken Sculpture

This is a simple wooden sculpture of a chicken painted white with a yellow beak and a red comb.

Measures: 22″l x 18″h


Running Horse

One can feel the forward motion to this running horse as the mane and tail are lifted. Wayne Ayers painted it replicate aged wood and to indicate age, this horse was then mounted on a vintage spool.

Measures: 17″l x 20″h


Red Bird on White Arrow

Wayne Ayers created after Albert Zahn example pictured in “Spiritually Moving”. Carved from white pine and painted with intentional paint loss and faux patina to resemble aged wood. Mounted to old finial.

Measures:  36″l x 29 1/2″h


Snowy Owl

Watchfulness is a primary attribute of the rare Snowy Owl. Wayne Ayers’ replica shows a naturalistic approach with deep incisions and a characteristic turn of the head. See figure 40 in “Spiritually Moving” for the original.

Measures: 8″l x 26″h


Large Pair of Blue Herons

This pair is truly majestic in their size and simplicity. Wayne Ayers carved and painted them, with the bulbous swelling form for the bodies and sweeping necks terminating in angular beaks. See Figure 549, page 2978, “American Folk Sculpture. Sold as a pair.

Measures: 48″l x 43″h and 40″l x 32″h


Rusty Rooster

Wayne Ayers marvelous replica of an early and famous sheet metal sculpture of a white rooster turned rusty. Primitive block of wood forms the stand.

Measures: 23″l x 26″h


Blacksmith Shop

The late folk artist, Wayne Ayers, replication of a blacksmith shop. Sheet metal cut, hammered and painted. All original.

Measures: 43″l x 24″h


Whitewashed Rooster

This all white rooster has applied wings but fully carved and painted in the rather small size. Added metal strap to the wooden sculpture is for strength as it would have been 100 years ago. See Robert Bishop’s, “American Folk Sculpture”, pg 135, fig. 233.

Measures: 18″l x 15″h on stand.


Pheasant Hen

Carved from a single pine log with applied wings, Wayne Ayers created this replica of the weathervane now in the American Folk Art Museum, ex. Ralph Esmerian, ex. David Scorsch. Original found on the Albert Shriber property in Georgetown, CT. The vintage finial forms the stand.

Measures: 31″l x 30″h


Large Seabird

This seabird is a replication of that which graces the cover (and Figure 320, page 176) of “American Folk Sculpture” by Robert Bishop. While the original is believed to have been a roof ornament, this piece has been lovingly created by Wayne Ayers to replicate to the smallest detail.

Measures: 23″l x 18″h


Large Wooden and Copper Salmon

The original salmon weathervane is shown in figure 53 in the book “Spiritually Moving”. Wayne Ayers’ piece is carved wood, molded copper, and painted to replicate the original in every detail.

Measures: 35″l x 19 1/2″h


Running Long-Billed Curlews

Named by Wayne Ayers, this pair was created after the example in “Spiritually Moving” by an unknown artist but most likely coastal New Jersey. This replica was carved in cedar with maple bills and mounted in the classic decoy manner.

Measures: 30″l x 17″h


Brown Pheasant Whirlygig

This is a unique creation intended to move in three different directions depending on the wind. Carved and painted by Wayne Ayers, both wings rotate as does the body.

Measures: 36″l x 34″h on stand


Cow a Bone Man

This is an original creation of Wayne Ayers. Named for the cow bones found in Texas. A piece of old drop-cloth forms his smock, sheepskin forms his hair, old paint brushes create his mustache and layers of sawdust and glue made his nose and eyes.

Measures: 14″l x 31″h



The late folk artist, Wayne Ayers, replication of a famous locomotive as seen in “American Folk Sculpture”, pg. 74, fig. 114, by Robert Bishop. Cut, hammered and painted sheet metal. *His early trademark was “H.Schultz and D.Bloom”, referred to his Rottweiler dog.

Measures: 37″l x 12″h.


Red Bird on Black Stand

Wayne Ayers replica wooden bird whirlygig, carved and painted red. Set on a painted black stand.

Measures: 25″l x 19″h



Wayne Ayers’ sculpture amazes from all sides. This sensuous animal sculpture has been carved of wood and painted colorfully to capture the imagination. See pg. 142, fig. 250 in “American Folk Sculpture by Robert Bishop.

Measures: “25L x 18″h on stand