Bright and early last week five men, two trucks, and a trailer pulled up to the Halliday House barn showroom.  How welcome was that? Five men with muscles!!! Are you kidding? We love the help. Sue and I were prepared and as organized as we could be after all, moving antiques is a delicate matter even when they are large and heavy,

Sue was stationed at the HH saltbox barn and Gail at the newly restored show room. For this stage of the move we intended to bring over the largest pieces of furniture, plus our 11 foot long storage counter cabinet. Also we wanted several stainless steel storage shelf units from old attic storage torn down and reassembled in the new attic storage.

An amazing 90 minutes later, the men and vehicles said goodbye. We were dumbfounded and happy.

QUESTION:  What would two Antiques dealers do with such a quick and easy move into a new place?

ANSWER:  Whip out their iPhones and take pictures – of course!