Folk Art

We prefer a broad definition of Folk Art to include items made from untrained hands and eyes such as textiles, two and three dimensional art, utilitarian objects with or without flourishes, handcrafted furniture and tabletop objects. Most of our folk art is represented in very early American objects with more recent inclusions of contemporary art and sculpture.

Folk Art Featured Item

Folk Art Shore Birds

Pair of large mid century carved and painted white and gray folk art shore birds in large sizes. Due to their large size, they would look great as doorway sentinels. Sold as a pair.

Measures 38″h x 17″w


Red Rooster

A wonderful Folk Art carving which came directly from the Hypoint Collection, having initially hung on a barn or similar building in Illinois. This fellow has a unique form with a distinctive comb and wattles. “Big Red” sports a dry red surface and all original paint. A newer metal stand has been created for his piece.​       

Measures 25 1/2″ w x 27″h


Folk Art Squirrel

Wood carved squirrel in a standing position and holding a nut. Overall coloring is a reddish brown with grain showing through. Good detailing. Under tail are engraved initials.​.                         

Measures: 7 1/2″h x 6 1/2″w x 2″d



Mid Century signed, seated Dalmatian wood sculpture with plaster embellishments and then painted. Appears  to be ready for the firetruck  

15  1/2″h x 6″w x 8″d     


Sling Shot

Early 20th C specialty sling shot with carved and painted animals. Hound dog has “treed” the bear. New museum stand.

Measures:  12 1/2″h


Jumping Jack

Jumping Jack string toy in impressive size and colors. Painted on both sides in different and reverse colors. With old cord intact, it still works just fine. From private collection of Stephen Corrigan, Vermont antiques dealer.

Measures 24″l x 13″w x 1 1/4″d


Folk Art Bird Painting

PA Folk Art Bird watercolor on board or artist board. Late 19th C. Classic PA Dutch Distelfink is the more common term for a bird with this form. 

Measures 9 1/2″w x 11 1/2″h



Early 1900’s Folk Art carved and painted “Cobbler”; on the sole of a shoe; telling a story.

Measures  8″l x 1 1/2″w x 5″h


Painted Flag on Door

Partial door painted in most patriotic manner. Hinged on the lower part with “July 4” engraved. Signed on right “J.B.”                           

Measures 28″w x 17″h