Home Decor

We think of our homes in very personal ways to express color, form,  dimension, and utilization.  Wall hangings, tabletop, bed, window, and floor coverings all add to our ideas of what is needed.  Our furniture may be practical or whimsical, or a combination.  Modern furnishings may suit our needs for functionality, but a need for more personalization may lead us to centuries-old paintings for example.  Whatever moves one to seek to transform a house into a home may be found here.

Home Decor Featured Item

Bicycle Wheel Lamp

Here is your opportunity to own this quirky and unique bicycle wheel lamp attached to a telescoping tripod. Seven individual lights which are activated by an on-line switch and the flexibility to lower the tripod to become a table lamp.

Full size 58″h x 24″w



Paint Decorated Youth Chair

Late 1800s high or youth chair. Lovely salmon paint overall and then decorated with flowers, leaves, and striping. Very good condition with minor early restorations.

Measures 36 1/2″h x 18″w x 12 1/2″d


Ruth Foster Lipowicz

Ruth Foster Lipowicz, 1919-2008, was an American Social Realist Artist, an award winning watercolorist from the mid century. She painted mostly rural landscapes. We have additional unframed watercolors by Lipowicz available for sale. We are happy to show you the collection. $350 framed, $175 unframed.

Measures 30 1/2″w x 25″h




Sailing Ship Diorama, mid-coast Maine origin. Sails, hull, masts and flags carved wood applied to board and framed, then over-painted to create the finished piece. Painted ship and lighthouse add to the charm. Condition is very good and parts are intact. One flag has some paint loss. We believe this is an important and impressive piece of folk art of a classic New England Seascape.

Measures 28 1/4″w x 16 3/4″h x 3″d


Miniature Chest of Drawers

This well-developed late 1800s style on the mixed wood miniature dresser is in original finish. As found in New Hampshire and with a minor glue repair….marbleized paper drawer linings. Great for desk top items, a jewelry box, etc.

Measures 9″w x 5 3/4″d x 9″h


Tennis Playing Woman

The original was once a copper weathervane circa 1900. Wayne Ayers replication, also in copper, is a delicate form showing grace and movement and mounted on a cast iron Eiffel Tower. 

  Measures  47″h x 22″w


Hudson River Valley Painting

A View to West Point. Bucolic scene of Hudson River. Unsigned oil from Mid 1800’s, New York. Handsome old frame.

Measures 35″w x 24″h


Notts and Derby Firemark

Derbyshire Fire and Life Assurance Co, UK origin for this lead firemark. It has a circular belt around a cartouche. Probably late 18th C. or early 19th C.                                       

Measures 10″ x 8″


Tudor Doll House

Hand Crafted Tudor Doll House, 1/2 timber detailing dating to 1920’s – 30’s. All original , it retains a working door, glass windows with lace curtains, wallpaper and original flooring. Furniture also handcrafted, though not original to the house. Includes cradle, rocker and 2 side chairs (all with string seats), mini basket, 4 drawer dresser, needlepoint work and basket with knitting.

Measures: 22 1/2″h x 12 1/2″w x 9 1/4″d


Framed Comic Strip Characters

Maggie and Jiggs, from the comic strip, “Bringing Up Father”, introduced in 1913. They later became a radio show and entire books. These painted wooden cutouts are newly mounted and framed. Expected age is 1930-40 when most popular.                  

Measures: 20 3/4″l x 12″h