Home Decor

We think of our homes in very personal ways to express color, form,  dimension, and utilization.  Wall hangings, tabletop, bed, window, and floor coverings all add to our ideas of what is needed.  Our furniture may be practical or whimsical, or a combination.  Modern furnishings may suit our needs for functionality, but a need for more personalization may lead us to centuries-old paintings for example.  Whatever moves one to seek to transform a house into a home may be found here.

Home Decor Featured Item

Banner Weathervane

Late 19th C banner in sheet and copper tube with a ball finial. Top finial has the leaf motif. There is a warm verdigris surface which adds to the grace and delicate nature of this piece. As an added charm, the letter “D” has a bullet hole and a second one recently found when examining closer. Newer museum stand.

Measures 30″l x 36″h



Sally Patchin Basket

Sally Patchin from Patchinville, Steuben County, NY (1874-1958), started a cottage industry of folk painting on baskets. Her baskets are widely acclaimed for their delicate beauty. This one has a center handle and two side tops that lift.

Measures 9″l x 5 1/2″w x 7 1/2″h


Weaver’s Chair

Late 1700’s Weaver’s Chair. Notice splayed armrest and the height designed to accomodate the task.

Measures  40″h x 21″w x 20″h


Interior Oil on Board Painting


A signed, (E.F.) circa 1910 oil on board which depicts a ladderback armchair beside a draped table in a rather serene setting. Original frame is large in relation to the scale of the painting. A worn taupe paint covers it and the back has a torn paper and early wire for hanging.

Measures 1 1/2″l x 8 1/2″h


Circus Poster


Founded in 1937 by Obert Miller as a dog and pony show; his son created a circus which has been going on for 4 generations. Now turning more into a circus source of extinct animals. New frame.

Measures 34″l x 12″h


Green Painted Box

Great old green painted and initialed box with a label inside, “Overland Route”. Previously had a lock, still has handles.

  Measures 20″l x 9 1/2″h x 12’d


Ruth Foster Lipowicz

Ruth Foster Lipowicz, 1919-2008, was an American Social Realist Artist, an award winning watercolorist from the mid century. She painted mostly rural landscapes. We have additional unframed watercolors by Lipowicz available for sale. We are happy to show you the collection. $350 framed, $175 unframed.

Measures 30 1/2″w x 25″h


Heritage Footstool

Painted footstool with a family history. We don’t know that family history, but you are free to create your own version for your family. With only a 15″l x 6″w x 6 1/2″h palette, this folk artist was able to include 2 hearts on the stool skirts, a tree of life on the top flanked by 2 willow trees. Red striping follows the outline of the skirts and along the half moon cutouts on sides. Five pieces of wood attached with square nails make up this delicate piece. Oral history claims Middletown, CT as the origin.


Leather Document Boxes

First Row: This rare mini dome top (1780-1800) document box is covered in exquisite hand tooled leather and topped by a brass handle. Much of the lock and key are lost to us. The interior is lined with a finely designed paper and a stay to keep the top erect. Measures: 6″l x 4″w x 3 1/2″h. $550

Second Row Left: A hand tooled leatherdome top document box from the decades 1760-1780. It has some expected leather loss from the sides, the hand tooled top is intact. Handles and the locking device (no key) are indicative of the above decades. Interior is covered in designed paper. Measures: 8″l x 5″w x 3″h. $195

Second Row Right: Earliest of 2 Leather covered slightly domed top document boxes we have had from 1760-1780, it is small and rare. This leather has been hand tooled indicating its special qualities. Similar primitive handles and basic closure hardware designate these decades. Interior is covered entirely with designed paper and with an overlay of written words on paper. Measures: 7″l x 4 1/4″w x 2 1/2″h. $350

Third Row: This small rectangular document box is from the period of 1780-1800. Covered on exterior with a sophisticated design of hand tooled leather, it has a brass handle and locking device. No longer has a key. The interior is covered with paper and printed overlay and original to the box. Measures: 8 1/2″l x 4″w x 2 1/2″h. $295

Fourth Row: An 1820s miniature trunk style document box has an exterior covered in hand tooled leather and decorated with brass studs in two sizes. The handle and other design features indicate this late period. The interior has a separate section and the entire inside is papered in a flowered design. When locked with a basic metal lock, it is possible to pick up by the ring on top. Measures: 10″l x 7″w x 4″h. $495


$1,450 for the collection of 5

Pair of Cecil Aldin Prints

This whimsical and colorful pair of English prints are newly framed and matted in three-color mats. Framed in New England.

Measures: 15″ x 13″, Print 8″ x 6″

$195 pair

“Dinner in the Making”

Pre 1892 oil on board, “Dinner in the Making” painting, (as known before framing). Serene Victorian subject by a trained, but unknown to us artist. New artist frame.

Measures: 20 3/4″l x 17″h