Set of 6 Leather Document Boxes

This collection was recently purchased from a well-respected collector These leather boxes represent the years of 1760-1820, as changes in design occurred for the storage of documents. Individual photos, information and pricing follows.



Top Left Leather Box

1760-1780 hand tooled leather covered document box with carrying handle descriptive of the decades in which it was created. A metal locking device remains but no hasp or key. Some loss of leather on sides. Paper covered interior.

Measures 8″w x 5″d x 3″h


Top Middle Leather Box

A larger size hand tooled leather document box has a lock and a key, an early handle, and is entirely lined on the interior with newsprint. It appears that a stencil design was applied over the paper to enhance the decorative aspects.1760-1780

Measures 11″w x 6″d x 4 1/2″h


Top Right Leather Box

1760-1780 This leather covered and hand tooled document box is small and rare. Similar carrying handle to others during this period. A closure device is in working order and very basic. Interior covered in paper with writing and design.

Measures 7″w x 4 1/2″d x 2 1/2″h


Bottom Left Leather Box

1780-1800 this is a small rectangular document box intended to lock; however there is no longer a key. The lock and bail handle are brass and the hand tooling of the leather is of a sophisticated design. The interior wallpaper is original to the box.

Measures 8 1/2″w x 4″d x 2 1/2″h


Bottom Middle Leather Box

1820’s miniature trunk style document box is covered in hand tooled leather and decorated with brass studs in various sizes. This handle and other design elements indicate a later period. Interior paper is flowered. There is a closing device.

Measures: 10″w x 7″d x 4″h


Bottom Right Leather Box

1800 – 1820 rare mini dome top document box is covered in exquisite hand tooled leather, and topped by a brass handle. The box had a key, missing now, the lock remains. The interior is lined with a fine designed paper. A stay keeps the top erect.

Measures: 6″w x 4″d x 3 1/2″h