After many months of renovation, (removing walls, rats, doors and installing all new windows, skylights, a new door, fir floors, and lighting), we are ready to begin THE BIG MOVE.

Sue and I are packing, stacking bins, labeling and organizing for the move. All the while still running a our business here. The magnitude of this move is overwhelming so we decided to tackle one segment at a time.

In three days, our movers will move our 11’ store counter, and the remainder of our larger furniture pieces in addition to our stainless steel storage shelves which will move to our new attic storage space where humans can stand! What a bonus that will be and our heads will be far happier while working there.

Meanwhile, irrigation will be installed so that we can plant a lavender field with assorted varieties around the ancient black walnut tree. Today a trellis is being installed so as to direct people to the actual front door. Painted white it will stand ready for new plantings there as well.

Enjoy the video of our new home!

We will keep posting as we get settled and of course announce our big Gala Event.