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For the collector of antiques & the decorator who loves being unique.


We believe…

There is a CULTURAL RICHNESS that shines through handmade things.
Living with art from the past provides STORIES which inspire CREATIVITY.
Art impacts and educates – It’s a GOOD thing.
Life is simply more FUN when you live with original ART.


September 24th is our BARN DAYS EVENT in Napa Valley.  Friends old and new come for a day of good times, food, and great deals. Join our mailing list now to find out more!


We’ve got the best antiques in Napa County. Shop our selection of hand picked art, furniture, textiles and other decorating treasures in our Home Decor, Avid Collector, Folk Art, and Furniture collections. You won’t want to miss our Featured portfolio full of new collections put together just for you and priced right.


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Beautiful antiques and decor for everyday living and enjoyment.